The Sixth Sense in Medical Diagnostics


AINOSTICS is an award winning artificial intelligence company from the UK, commercialising over two decades of world-leading research into the diagnosis of neurological disorders by our founding team and globally recognised scientific advisors.


Our technology represents a breakthrough that would provide an automated, extensible and personalised healthcare platform for assisting the clinical diagnosis of tissue modifying diseases using multi-modal clinical imaging and non-imaging data. We aim for our solutions to become a routine part of clinical practice and drug development.


Imaging...and more

At AINOSTICS we are working to identify the earliest biological signs of some of our society’s most devastating diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and brain tumours, providing the best chance of success for potential preventions and treatments.

Through connecting basic science with medical expertise, we aim to address the unmet needs of the demanding clinical environment, augmenting human knowledge with objectivity and reliability.

Many solutions. One vision

We combine the most exciting medical imaging innovations with the best of artificial intelligence solutions to unlock the future of personalised diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy monitoring and planning.

We are constantly developing algorithms to improve workflow across the entire clinical imaging pathway, utilising the state-of-the-art in areas such as image acquisition, quality control, data encoding, modelling and inference, with the goal of offering a comprehensive pipeline that will empower clinicians to deliver faster and better care, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Our Past



With the aim of commercialisation a back catalogue of groundbreaking technologies resulting from over two decades of research in the fields of imaging, computational modelling and artificial intelligence, AINOSTICS started its operations in the UK.

By the end of 2019, the innovation we were bringing to the field was already being recognised, with the Company picking up various prestigious awards, such as being selected as the top medical AI company in the Hangzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2019, one of the biggest innovation competitions in China.

Our Future



Truly a leap year at AINOSTICS. In 2020, we secured approximately $2.5 million to accelerate our product development and validation.

By the end of the Year, we had developed an advanced prototype of our multimodal and multparametric AI engine, IQ, promising to take diagnostic clinical imaging to a whole new level (when we say prototype...think wow!).

Along the way, we were encouraged by receiving a number of other high profile awards, and importantly establishing a very strong IP position.



In 2021 we will be working to extensively verify (using retrospective data) and validate (using prospective studies) our methodologies, with the aim of meeting a number of key milestones, such as achieving various regulatory approvals, raising our next funding round, and launching an exciting product stay tuned!




Top Medical AI Company

the International Overseas Talent and Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC), Beijing, China.


Our CEO, Dr Hojjat Azadbakht, being named as one of the most influential international entrepreneurs in the field of AI in China


BioNow Start Up the Year Award 



Winner of Connected Health Category Med-Tech Innovation Award


Top Medical AI Company

the International Innovation Competition, Hangzhou, China.


Partners and Collaborators

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