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One of our core strengths is our amazing team, bringing together proven expertise in areas such as medical imaging, neurology, AI and machine learning, and management. 

Through working world renowned academic, clinicians and industry advisors, we are able to gain valuable insight into the latest scientific advancements, and maintain a strong and expanding innovation and product pipelines. 


Dr Hojjat Azadbakht

Founder and CEO

Hojjat is the CEO of AINOSTICS. Hojjat holds a PhD in Biomedical Imaging (with a focus on diagnostic MR imaging in dementia), an MSc in Machine Learning, and has obtained various certifications and qualifications relating to project management, medical software commercialisation and regulatory affairs. Hojjat is also a Fellow of the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and an honorary associate professor of Biomedical Imaging at the University of Manchester.  He also has the experience of working with global tech companies such as Samsung and Google and managing commercial projects and multidisciplinary teams.


In 2019, Hojjat was also named as one of the most influential foreign entrepreneurs in China in the area of AI. 


Dr Aitor Apaolaza

Senior Software Engineer

Aitor is a senior software engineer with a strong data analysis background. For his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Manchester he worked on web interaction analysis, building scalable tools to capture, analyse, and derive insights from millions of low-level web interaction events. Aitor then joined the University of Manchester as a research software engineer, taking part in projects that involved extensive data analysis, design and implementation of analysis tools, and evaluation of user interfaces. Since joining AINOSTICS, Aitor has been working on the design and development of web-based front-ends, as well as supporting the development of data analysis tools.

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Dr Helen Beaumont

Imaging Scientist

Helen first heard about frontotemporal dementia when her middle-aged husband was diagnosed with it. He passed away in 1999, When her children left home she moved to Manchester to take up a PhD on developing novel MRI neuro-imaging methods. She is now working for AINOSTICS identifying and analysing publicly-available imaging databases for use in improving the diagnosis of dementia. She is also an ambassador for Alzheimer's Research UK and Dementia UK.


Dr Ross Callaghan

Imaging & AI Scientist

Ross received his PhD in Medical Imaging from University College London (UCL) in 2021 and joined AINOSTICS as an Imaging Data Scientist. In his role at AINOSTICS, he works on a range of AI techniques with the goal to predict disease status and prognosis from medical images.


Dr Michele Guerrieri

Imaging & AI Scientist

Michele originally trained as a physicist, during his PhD, and subsequently started a research position at University College London (UCL) focusing on medical imaging research, where he combined mathematical and computational models to investigate new biomedical imaging techniques to unravel the microstructure of the brain. At AINOSTICS, Michele is developing novel artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to optimise the analysis and interpretation of brain MRI scans.


Dr Hamied Haroon

Head of Imaging Research

Hamied obtained his PhD in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis from The University of Manchester.

His work involves the processing and analyses of novel and advanced biomedical magnetic resonance data to measure structure and function, in health and disease, using novel computational modelling techniques. At AINOSTICS Hamied leads the way in discovering and verifying novel non-invasive biomarkers of tissue health, capable of linking MRI measures to the underlying cellular biology.


Dr Ian Hinder

Senior Developer

Ian is a Research Software Engineer with a background in high performance computing and numerical methods. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences (Physics) at the University of Cambridge, followed by a PhD in Applied Mathematics (General Relativity) at the University of Southampton; and subsequently worked as a researcher at Penn State University and the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, colliding black holes on supercomputers.  He now works as a Research Software Engineer at the University of Manchester, and in this role has worked with AINOSTICS since 2018.  Ian has focused on performance optimisation, pipeline workflow development, and integration of the pipeline into our web platform.  Ian was also responsible for the design, procurement and configuration of the AINOSTICS in-house cluster, and continues to develop its functionality using an infrastructure-as-code approach.


Dr Antoine Legouhy

AI Scientist

Antoine has a background in applied mathematics. He did his PhD for the CNRS at the Empenn lab linked to Rennes 1 university in France. He then joined University College London as a postdoc in the Center for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) before joining AINOSTICS.
His domains of interest include: brain morphology, registration, atlasing (then); deep-learning registration, geometric distortion correction (now)

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Dr Wen Ma


Wen is the Chief Operations Officer of AINOSTICS. She is responsible for our financial planning and business development, and managing the Company's Quality & Regulatory and HR. She obtained her PhD for research on science and health communication, big data, user behaviour and platform economy.


Dr Charles Marshall

Clinical Lead

Charles is the lead clinical advisor at AINOSTICS  and is responsible for ethics and governance, patient recruitment, clinical interpretation of results, and clinical dissemination and translation of our solutions.

Charles also oversees the dementia research work at Wolfson Institute of Population Health, and is the clinical lead for neurology at Barts Health NHS Trust, and provides specialist diagnostic support for dementia to the inner East London Memory Clinics.

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Mr Christopher Sabin

Senior Software Developer

Chris is a pipeline developer for AINOSTICS, focusing on integrating image processing services to our web platform. He has been working in the field of application-driven image processing development since graduating from UCL with a master's degree in Medical Physics, having previously earned a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Sussex University.

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Dr Matthew Townend

Clinical AI

Matt is a radiology doctor working in the North-West with previous placement in stroke medicine, general surgery, endocrinology, & GP. He has a background in neuroimaging research, having studied this at postgraduate level, and is part of the steering group for the largest clinical neuroimaging study within the UK.


Matt's technical experience involves programming, particularly GPU-accelerated image processing and deep learning. His main goal as part of AINOSTICS is to help leverage the full potential of data we have within the NHS to provide better outcomes for patients.

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Dr Zhiqin Wu

IP & Quality Manager

Zhiqin holds a PhD in the Management of Intellectual Property. She looks after various aspects of IP management and strategy planning at the Company, as well as overseeing the implementation of our quality management systems.

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