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A Northern Powerhouse

Over the past few months, through various regional initiatives, we have been further strengthening our presence and engagement with clinical and research organisation in the North of the UK .

These include:

  • The Research and Innovation (R&I) Health Accelerator, which is an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) part-funded project delivered by Health Innovation Manchester, The University of Manchester, The University of Manchester Innovation Factory, Manchester City Council and Bionow.

The project invites SMEs to collaborate with Greater Manchester’s research and innovation institutions to accelerate development and improve commercialisation of innovative healthcare products and services within life sciences.

  • The Greater Manchester AI Foundry, which is a research and innovation project that provides support to SMEs in Greater Manchester to utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) to become innovation ready and enhance or develop new products and services.

The project, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Manchester and the University of Lancaster.

As part of these activities, we are working with the amazing support team at these organisations to accelerate our clinical investigations and fast track the rollout of our groundbreaking solutions.


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