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AINOSTICS receives international award for its ground-breaking work

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

AINOSTICS, as the UK’s representative at the global finals of the Overseas Talent and Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC), held at Beijing, China, managed to be selected as a top prize winner amongst 23 companies, made up of 12 international teams from countries such as the USA, Germany, Finland, Singapore, etc., and 11 Chinese teams, from a wide and impressive variety of backgrounds, from sectors such as life sciences, digital health, robotics, consumer electronics, cosmetics, artificial intelligence and big data.

AINOSTICS also became the top ranking company amongst both the AI and Medtech entrants. AINOSTICS secured its place at the finals by becoming the UK’s champion at the preliminaries, held in June 2019 at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Approximately 1000 teams submit applications to be a part of the domestic finals of the participating countries. After passing a filter of judges, 20+ are selected to compete at each country’s national finals, with only the top team going on to represent the country at the global finals of OTEC. Many congratulations to the team and all those helping us on this great journey!


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