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Our CEO speaking at MedTech Integrates 2021

Join our CEO Dr Hojjat Azadbakht who will be taking part in a panel discussion at this year’s MedTech Integrates entitled ‘Prediction is better than cure’, with William Brooks (Downing Ventures), Euan Cameraon (COHESION Medical), Michael Lewis (University of Birmingham) & Faz Chowdury hosted by Elizabeth Fairley.

Following on from the success of the inaugural MedTech Integrates in October 2020, this year’s event will be broadcast on June 22nd for a virtual gathering of technology, diagnostics, devices and therapeutics organisations, as well as clinicians and regulators, provides a platform to discuss the major challenges impacting the MedTech sector.

To learn more about the event, including how to book your place, head to Life Science Integrates.


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